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Sitting at the river mouth Exmouth is a fantastic fishing area with good all year round venues and species to be caught for anglers of all abilities and targeting all sorts of fish. 
Exmouth Harbour/Docks holds mullet, as well as mackerel and garfish to spinners and daylights. Pollock will also take lures and spinners from here, as well as float fished baits – try mackerel strip, sand eel or sprat. Silver eels can also be caught to bottom fished peeler crab, mackerel or worm baits. 
The nearby sandy beach can produce good catches of plaice and Dover sole, as well as bass when there is sea running. 
Budleigh Salterton 
If you’re just heading over to Budleigh to fish for mackerel then they can be caught at any point along the beach at any time of day. The best times being when high tide coincides with summer evenings. To catch these use mackerel feathers and daylights. 
As you move along the beach towards the middle you stand a good chance of catching Dogfish, Small Huss, Pouting, various Flatfish and other bottom feeding fish. 
Dogfish can be caught to most baits with a number of bull huss also turning up as well. Dover sole will be caught to ragworm and lugworm baits fished and pouting are also around in numbers. The rockier marks towards the east of the beach can produce wrasse and pollock to float fished baits, and, potentially conger to the usual mackerel, herring or squid baits presented on large hooks and wire traces. 
Sidmouth and the nearby beaches (Weston and Salcombe Regis) fish well for an array of species. Dependent on season, summer brings mackerel, garfish, bass, small eyes ray, dogfish and plaice. A smoothhound can be an added bonus! 
In the colder months whiting, pouting and the occasional codling can be caught. 
Offering superb fishing all year round but mind the rough ground to the right hand side of the beach past the beach huts and further up the beach to the left. 
Big bull huss can be caught here but expect tackle losses i.e take plenty of leads! The area in front of the huts will produce plaice, gurnard, bass and sole when in season, with whiting and the odd conger during the winter. 
The sea front at Seaton fishes well for plaice and flounder, with dogfish and bass also present. In the summer months the harbour offers great mullet fishing, with flounder the main target in the winter. 
If you walk up to the beach to right hand side, bass can be taken on lure or bait but keep an eye on the cliffs behind, they have a tendency to fall on you! 
Lyme Regis 
You can fish off the harbour at Lyme Regis (called the cobb). Wrass and mini species can be caught here. Cast your bait out and it could bring you in a dogfish, or the odd plaice or sole. 
The mouth of the River Teign is known to produce good bass catches. Sand eel, peeler crab and ragworm are the top baits to use. It is a bass nursery area but bass can still be legally caught from the shore. 
Anglers, however, return all bass in order to protect numbers and allow the nursery area to maintain stocks. Mackerel, scad and garfish can all also be caught here on spinners, daylights and feathers, as well as on float fished baits. Mullet are also a possibility here when the weather is calm. 
Absolutely excellent flounder fishing here with specimen sized fish caught (national flounder competition also takes place here). Flounder can be caught on ragworm and lugworm but peeler crab is the top bait for them here. 
For LRF fishing the old concrete quays at Back beach (the town side of the lifeboat slipway) will provide most species of Goby, aswell as most species of Blenny including the Butterfish, Scorpion fish, Flounder, School Bass, Mullet, Smelt and a few small Wrasse. 
Dawlish Warren 
The Warren is a sand spit across the river Exe. The main beach can be fished but you need a long cast to get you into the deeper water, the bottom is clean here. This beach used to be good for Razor fish! 
Fishing off the end of the spit will place your gear into the main channel. You will need heavy leads if you want to fish a static bait at this location. 
The back of the warren you will fish into a shallow back water. This area has its days and has produced some great fishing. 
All 3 areas are good for Flounder, Dab and the odd Plaice with Bass and Mullet in the warmer months. Crab, Squid and Worm fish are all good baits! 
If you fancy a bit of LRF Light Rock Fishing then there are many fishy looking marks dotted around both sand and rock structures. 
Fishing off the breakwaters will get you mackerel and bass on an incoming evening tide. Spinning or casting out a string of feathers is an effective technique for these species. 
The harbour pier at the far end of Dawlish is known for Mackerel, Gar and the odd pollack. 
Offering excellent fishing Brixham can show a variety of species including wrasse, pollack, mackerel, garfish and bass which can be caught from the breakwater. Conger eels can show after dark! 
Berry head is very popular with mackerel and garfish, the main quarry in the summer with whiting and codling making an appearance in the winter months. 
LRF fans can catch all the usual species but please take care as the area has deep water and strong currents. 
Mackerel can be caught off of Hopes Nose, although it gets very busy in the summer!  
Another good spot is Princess Pier for mackerel and bass, with the occasional squid also having been caught. 
If you're prepared for the climb back up, visiting Ansteys Cove can offer good bass and mackerel spinning! 

Places to Fish 

All of these sea fishing locations are within driving distance of Exeter and offer a range of different species throughout the year. 
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