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Essential Baits Advanced B5 Fluoro Pop-ups 15mm

- Many customers have said these ultra-bright B5 Fluoro pop-ups are the best they've ever used, which isn't surprising when you consider that fact they contain the irresistible B5 attractor package! Quite possibly the most proven 'big fish' attractor package ever developed! 
- The 'pungent' plum flavour really shines through and the distinctive 'red fruit' aroma of the Thaumatin based Fruit Factor 6 makes these pop-ups stand out from the crowd. They are absolutely perfect for single bait presentation or for fishing over beds of bait. Whichever option you choose, we are confident these pop-ups will out-perform anything else available! 
- Top-Tip: Fishing a Fluoro B5 pop-up over a bed of B5 boilies has proved absolutely deadly and has completely transformed some anglers' results. A mini 10mm Fluoro sat on top of a 16mm or 20mm B5 bottom bait will often be the first to be picked up by the wariest of carp! 
Size & Flavour:
Our Price: £6.70
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