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Century Vectura Ti 11ft Lure Rod

At 11ft 2 equal sections it’s a rod that has reach, power and versatility. It has extreme range for a range of lures at the heart of its design brief. It is a near through parabolic action rod that loads and loads but recovers very quickly. This is something the whole range has captured throughout the various lengths, seemingly allowing more out, than you put in. This feature, though a welcome mechanical illusion of fine materials is allowing it to cast lighter more aerodynamic lures on light test lines whilst at the same time having enough flex to allow the adept angler to protect those lines. 
The rod is very happy casting a wide band of weights from 7g to 50g (1/4oz to around 1 3/4oz). It performs with both mono and braided lines. Mono in the 6 to 12lb class and braids in the 0.6PE to 2.0PE. Practical fishing situations where the anglers needed to cast 1oz (28g) aerodynamic lures like needlefish to extreme lure fishing distances were met with a rod that delivers the lure to range yet picks up the line on the strike and plays fish no matter at what range in-between those extremes your lure is intercepted. Somewhere in there will be the ideal match to your lure or float. A reel of a size between a 2500 and 4000 is fine on this rod though in tests the 3000 shallow spooled version offered the best combination of weight and balance. 
RRP: £359
Our Price: £335.00